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Thursday 18th June 2020

Hello, Mercury Class!


It was great to see so many of you, yesterday, for our Google Meet! I hope you enjoyed it, too.

Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.




Enjoy today’s Story Time at: and on facebook at 9am.


Test yourself on your spellings for the test (as seen on the Class Web Page at subject, subtract, submit, anticlockwise, anticlimax, antidote, automatic, autobiography, autograph.

Mrs Murphy’s group test yourself with your words you learnt from the HFW List below.


Year 4/Year 3

  • Today you are going to think about who inspires you. Maybe Captain Tom has inspired you? See  What about Marcus Rashford?
  • Maybe a family member inspires you, or maybe a member of your local community? Perhaps you have more than one person that inspires you?
  • Think about who inspires you and write a paragraph about who they are and why they inspire you.
  • After researching the inspirational people this week, how do you feel? Have you been inspired? Write another paragraph to explain who and what has inspired you this week and how this might influence your actions in the future, e.g. After reading about Greta Thunberg, it has made me consider how everybody’s actions affect the environment. From now on, I will consider how I can help my family to be more environmentally friendly.


Table 2

  • Revisit the characters who feature in The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters by Janet and Allan Ahlberg at Look at the list created yesterday.
  • Choose your favourite character from the book or the most familiar one. Consider what they might write back if they were to write a response to their mail, e.g. the Bear family’s response to Goldilocks or Cinderella’s response to Peter Piper.
  • Discuss orally what they might say back, e.g. The Bear family might thank Goldilocks for her apology and explain to her how she can behave by being kind and thoughtful or Cinderella might say ‘thank you’ for her letter and describe her new life in the palace.
  • Write as if you were the character replying to the sender.
  • Check that your writing includes capital letters, full stops and possibly a question, e.g. if writing a letter back to Goldilocks, the Bear family could ask, ‘Please can you not take things that are not yours?’



Today’s work:

Y4:  Use negative numbers in context of temperature.

Y3:  Understand angles as an amount of turn and right angles as quarter turns.

Table 2: Estimate and measure capacity using cups.


Please work through the activity document files – either by looking at the screen and writing the answers down or by printing off the sheets. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you look through the sheets before you begin, so you can find the answers, extra support materials and the different levels of task - Mild (easier) and Hot (harder). There may also be activities to work with somebody else on. If there is a PowerPoint Presentation, then watch this first, listening to the teaching at the same time. All the answers are provided.



Other Activities for the Week

  • Temperature: Ask an adult for a thermometer and measure the temperature outside at the same time each day. Do this for 5 days. Draw a graph with the x and y axis, as we do in class. Label the axes suitably eg. ‘Days of the Week’ and give the graph a suitable title. Work with an adult to judge how high the ‘y’ axis needs to be, as in the highest temperature recorded and then plot the temperatures with an ‘x’ each day, or use a bar chart, as we have done in class - make sure the width of the bars are the same for all days! Try reading through the PowerPoint Presentation below if you need a bit of help.
  • Bird survey: Carry out a bird survey in your garden or within the local area over a day/week.  Keep a tally chart of the types of birds you see, then create a graph to present your results.  You can then produce questions to match your graph. Again, try reading through the PowerPoint Presentation below if you need a bit of help.
  • Complete the Times Tables Bonanza worksheet, below.
  • Spend time working on the Times Tables websites listed on the Class Web Page and then work through the tests you need to do, also listen on this page to me reading questions out. Have a go at Times Tables Rockstars!
  • Sing a song a day at Select Week 8 and then the correct day of the week eg. Monday is Coordination Funk and Tuesday is Make a Difference.
  • Have a go at today’s PE Activity from Lancashire School Games: