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Thursday 20th January

Complete one slide from the 5 A Day powerpoint. 


Work through the Maths slides, or watch this video Aut6.11.5 - Divide fractions by integers (1) on Vimeo and complete the activities on the sheet attached.  Mark your answers afterwards. 


1 - Please read your FBA book for 10 minutes.  Read to your self and read aloud to an adult. Then write a short book review on your chrome book about your FBA book and why others should read it. I would like to display these when you come back to school. 

2 - Complete the Reading task on LBQ.  The code is


Complete some of the task set on


Use the Powerpoint below and work through the slides to write a backstory for one of the characters suggested.  There is a model on the Powerpoint to support you.  You can magpie ideas, but do try and write your own. 


Today I would like you to explore the idea of Gravity. 

1 - First go outside and throw a ball high up in the air.  Count and see how long it take for the ball to come back down.  What do you notice?  Throw it at different heights and see how many claps you can do between throws. 

2 - Then jump high in the air and count how long it takes for you to come back down. 

3 - Get some paint and mix it with water.  Put it onto a piece of paper and hang it up - what do you notice?  Now turn the piece of paper round - what has happened?

Now write a short conclusion to explain what you noticed and why the things you noticed happened. 

From these activities you might have noticed one force is playing a role - Gravity. 

Watch Gravity - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize  these videos to develop a greater understanding.