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Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3 times table. Choose a random fact from the 3 times table (e.g. 9 x 3). Make an array that demonstrates this using a coloured pen or crayon. Now pick up your pencil and record all the number sentences you can relating to the array. Repeat. See photo below.

Maths main. Time. Calculating intervals of time. Find a ruler to help you draw time lines for this activity. See PowerPoint below.

English. Trolls. Look at the Talk for Writing booklet, The Truth about Trolls, below. Today, I would like you to plan your own information text about Trolls. Look at the way Professor Folklore structured his information text using subheadings then think of some other sections you could add. Use the planner on page 15 to jot down ideas for your information text on trolls. Use adjectives and adverbs and ideas gathered earlier in the week.

Guided Reading. The Twits by Roald Dahl. Watch this clip about
Mr and Mrs Twit
or Discuss the film clip together.
What happened? What did Mrs Twit do? Why? What would you have done? How did Mr
Twit react? How would you have reacted? Write the story of Mr and Mrs Twit and the
Spaghetti in your own words. Check your spelling and punctuation.

Geography. Make a landscape of your own in your bedroom or in the garden. Find a blanket or sheet and create a landscape. Then use anything else you have to add human and physical features such as villages, towns, cities, rivers, valleys, roads, woodland, railways, beaches, mountains, etc. You could label your landscape. Use a Lego figure or small toy to cross the landscape. Find out what the challenges and highlights of the journey would be. Watch this video clip for an example: