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Thursday 25th February


Today we are looking at subtracting mixed number fractions. This links in with the work on factors and common denominators from this week.

There will be a Teams meeting at 9:30am.

There is a task below to tackle with some answers so you can mark your work afterwards.

You then need to complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is: z2zj


Today we are going to build on our work from yesterday and produce a piece of descriptive writing in role.  Our lesson is on Teams at 11:15am.  We will look at a model (pulling it apart to look at key areas) and then we will write some descriptive sentences together, before you write our own piece. 

The extracts from yesterday are also below as you may wish to refer to those. 


Our Reading tasks this week are linked to our new Science topic: Earth & Space. 

Reading and completing these tasks will help give you some background knowledge about the topic.

Today you need to complete the third of three tasks on the LBQ site.  The focus today is features of the text so remember to read the text carefully before answering the questions and look around the whole text.  The code for the lesson is: z2zj


Task 1 - Watch this video and stop it at 12:00 minutes. This section focuses on algorithms and you are going to create your own algorithm. 

Barefoot Live - Computational thinking through unplugged activities - YouTube

Download the algorithm instructions below and the dance resources. Then work through the activities.


Task 2 - Then return to the video and watch it until 17:00 minutes. This section focuses on abstraction. The task to complete is below.

5 Word Film Game Activity

Ask your child to think of a film. Ask them to describe it using 5 key words or less. Can you guess the film they were thinking of? For example: Princess, Prince, Snowman?

Learning This game encourages your child to abstract as they think of the key features of the film to help someone guess.


Task 3 - Then return to the video and watch it until 23:00 minutes.  This section focuses on logical reasoning.  The task you need to complete is below.

Magic Square Activity Provide your child with a 3x3 square.

Can they add the digits 1-9 using each digit once so that all the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 15?

Encourage your child to explain their thinking as they tackle the challenge.

Learning This maths puzzle helps your child develop both trial and improvement, and logical reasoning skills.


Learn German | German Vocabulary | Haustiere | Pets | A1 - YouTube Watch this to review your knowledge of animals

Watch Mrs Rees’ video on the Video Resource Centre with the different types of weather. Spend some time stopping the video and saying the different sentences.

Add the words to a vocabulary list

Complete the matching up activity (attached below)