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Thursday 25th June

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Place value. Draw a place value grid on a piece of paper. Think of the number four hundred and fifty-eight. Add ten more to this number. Draw counters to represent hundreds, tens and ones. Write the number sentence for this sum. See example in photo below. Now draw five more place value grids, fill them in with counters to represent the following numbers and write the number sentence to go with it:

four hundred and twenty-five add ten more

two hundred and eighty-seven add ten more

five hundred and forty-three take ten less

seven hundred and sixteen take ten less

nine hundred and seventy-eight take ten less

Maths main. Mental calculations. Complete the activity Ribbon Lengths. Calculate how much ribbon is left from the rolls of ribbon in the pictures. See PowerPoint below.

English. Make a fact file about spiders. Organise your findings into four sections: Appearance, Habitat, Food and Behaviour. Uses reference books and search the internet on or or watch Jess French film clips about spiders from youtube.

Art. Look at some African repeating patterns. Can you copy some of these in chalk outside your home? See PowerPoint below or watch youtube video clip at