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Thursday 3rd December 2020


Today we will be using the word bank we created yesterday, along with the image, to help us write our own story opener.


 Starter  Revise verb tenses by completing one of the files below. There is an easier and a harder sheet


 1st  Here is an example story opener for the image given yesterday:

Condensation clung to tall, panelled windows of a large, cold room on a winter's night. A grand, wooden dining table stood in the middle of the room with chairs, unused and covered, at its sides. Flanked by the windows was a foreboding, iron fireplace. The mirror that sat above it was an oppressive column stretching all the way to the ceiling. The room was inanimate...almost lifeless, except for the single candle and a miserly, solitary figure sat at the end of the table with what looked like a carefully rationed meal.

This opening took me around 15 minutes to write. I kept altering and changing it as I went along, because I kept going back and reading over it. helped me to find some of the high quality verbs and adjectives that I needed. I couldn't think of them all myself.

I consciously included the following features:

metaphors (something called something else, to help to build an image in the reader's mind) E.g. 'The mirror...was an oppressive column'

personification (when objects do things that humans normally do) E.g. 'The grand, wooden dining table stood

high-quality vocabulary E.g. foreboding, flanked, clung


 2nd  Now you write your own version of the story opener, using your word bank from yesterday. Here are some success criteria:


Success Criteria:

Use metaphors and similes to create an image in the reader's mind 

Use to find higher quality vocabulary

Use personification to help create an image

Keep  reading over your sentences and editing as you go along


I think you could write a really good opening.


We are looking at triangles, quadrilaterals and lines today.


Have you seen the maths advent calendars of the previous page? Choose one and have a go at today's festive challenge!



Complete the LBQ Geometry Topic Reviews. Choose one or more.


Click Here Learning by Questions (

Select 'Connect as Pupil'

Enter your first name

Code - 'qsm'

There are three tasks to try. You should look at at least two as a form of revision and filling in any gaps in your 2D shape knowledge.

Task 1. is about parallel, perpendicular, vertical and horizontal lines (easy)

Task 2. is about quadrilaterals (medium)

Task 3. is about triangles (medium)

Below is a set of difficult Year 6 reasoning questions about 2D shape. There are four sheets with nine or ten tricky, time-consuming questions. See how many you can conquer.


Don't be tempted to look at the answers until you have really had a good go at the questions.



Practise Mental Arithmetic Skills

Print out one of the Maths Salamanders Files for Year 4, 5 or 6.


If you still can, have a go at drawing shadows. Below is a simple video showing how to trace an object's shadow. This activity will give you a better idea about how we understand shadows forming in relation to the light source.


Then try drawing a simple building or object with a shadow using your mind's eye.


Good luck.