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Thursday 4th February


Mr Bird  will be teaching our lesson on Teams at 9:30am.  This week our learning focuses on Division.  

If you miss the lesson, you can download it from the Teams posts within the UKS2 group, and the powerpoint is below. 


Task One: 5 a day (ppt below)

Task Two: Hands on Maths (ppt below)

Task Three: Read the powerpoint and complete the sheet, from the file below, which best suits your ability level.


Today our lesson focusses on editing.  We are going to use our explanation that we wrote yesterday (and on Tuesday) and learn how we can edit and improve our writing.  Mr Bird will model this in our lesson at 11:00am and then you will need your green pen and your explanation to complete the task.  Once you have edited your writing, please email it to your teacher. 


Your task today is on the LBQ site.  You need to read the text carefully and then answer the questions.  This is the third part of the comprehension.  Remember to take your time and check your answers before you submit them.  The code for the lesson is: dbrg


Today is the day of filming your project!!! 

You may have practised filming your story last week, and if you did - great!  Today we are going to film the real project.  Please see the powerpoint below to support you with your learning.

Please email completed films to your teacher.  If the files are rather large, then try which is a free site that you can use to email large files.


Play ‘memory magic game’ to remind you of the different animals (attached below)

Watch the video that Mrs Rees has put in the Video Resource Centre

Use the powerpoint to practise how to say ‘My favourite animal is…’

Create a poster with your favourite animal. Include the sentence.

BE CAREFUL check whether it is ein or eine!