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Thursday 4th June

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today!

Maths warm up. Counting up and down in tenths. Find ten counters. Use an egg box or draw a frame which is divided into ten equal parts called tenths. Place one counter in each part so you have 10 tenths. 10 tenths are equal to one whole. Now count backwards in tenths from 1 to 0, removing one counter each time, and then forwards.

Maths main. Fractions. Complete the activity Decimal and Fraction Match. Colour matching pairs of balloons the same colour. Then place the pairs onto the number lines. Click on this link:

Guided Reading. Do you know the story of Robin Hood? Watch this film clip which summarises the story of Robin Hood:
Now watch The Legend of Robin Hood and have a go at the quiz on the website underneath the clip:
What do you know about Robin Hood after watching the film clips?
Read the following story about one of the adventures of Robin Hood:

English. Think about all you have found out about Robin Hood. Create a poem about him. Choose either an acrostic poem or a shape poem. Below are some examples of each to help you.
Shape Poems
You could use the shape of an arrow or Robin Hood’s hat or something different relating to Robin Hood.
Acrostic Poems
You could use the words ROBIN HOOD or SHERWOOD FOREST or any other words that you think are suitable about Robin Hood.

Geography. Houses in the local area. Think about your street. What kind of houses are on your street? What kind of house do you live in? How old are some of the houses? How have they changed over time? Use the photos on the PowerPoint below to write about different houses in the local area. Present any way you like.