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Thursday 4th March

Today is World Book Day 


We have a special day of learning today all based around the author Katherine Rundell.  

Our Class Worship will link to World Book Day and then we have two Teams meetings at the usual times.  We will be carrying out a range of tasks to learn more about our chosen author and enjoy extracts from her books.  


Begin the day by watching this video by Katherine Rundell

Imagine a Wild Adventure (

Part One

Our first Teams lesson will focus on how we complete the task below and look at comparing the two stories.

Read the opening chapters to the Rooftopper and Skysteppers.  There is also a video of Katherine Rundell reading Rooftoppers if you would rather listen to it.  

Katherine Rundell introduces Rooftoppers - YouTube

Skysteppers : Katherine Rundell - Book2look – First Chapter 

Task One: Think about what likes and dislikes you have and make notes on the grid below.  What connections can you make to these stories?  What is puzzling you? Do you have any questions?  Make a note in the puzzles box. 

Part Two 

Use the links below to research and find out more about Katherine Rundell.  Take notes as you gather your research. Our Teams lesson at 11:15am will look at how we can create a fact file about Katherine Rundell. 

Katherine Rundell: how a snowy New York inspired my writing | New York holidays | The Guardian

Children's Books - Articles - AN INTERVIEW WITH KATHERINE RUNDELL | BfK No. 214 (

Katherine Rundell Books and Book Reviews | LoveReading4Kids

Katherine Rundell - Wikipedia

Task 2: Create a fact file about our chosen author, including information you have discovered.  Use the template below to help you structure your writing. If you require more facts you may need to search further websites. 

Part Three

Watch this clip which includes some top story writing tips.

Katherine talks about how we always forget to look up. She describes her own adventures on rooftops in Oxford, finding mystery items and imagining people who live above. 

Task Three: 

• Take a moment during your day to look up. Maybe you can see lots of tall buildings, or perhaps just a few chimneys. Maybe you can see birds and trees. At night-time, maybe you can see the moon and the stars! Draw a sketch of what you see when you look up. 

• Once you have created your sketch, populate your scene with new details from your imagination. For example, you could add a mystery item or object. Or you might want to add a character or two. 

Use your sky-scenes to inspire your ideas for an adventure, just like Katherine’s Skysteppers!  Can you write a story opening based on what you’ve drawn in 15 minutes?  Set a timer so you don’t go over the 15 minutes. 

Part Four

Katherine Rundell describes how, at the heart of every book, there’s a relationship that ‘sparks’ – whether it’s LOVE, ride-or-die FRIENDSHIP or ferocious ENEMIES. 

Task Four:

• Consider all of the different relationships that are important in your life, whether with family, friends, teachers, or even enemies! Use them to create a Relationships Map in which you draw and label the different relationships that you have identified. 

• Use different coloured pens or pencils to show how you view each relationship. For example, you might use the colour orange if you find a relationship bright and uplifting. 

• When you have finished, step back to look at your rainbow-coloured Relationship Map. How do all of these different colours show how your relationships define you and help you to be who you are?

Please photograph and email all the tasks you complete throughout the day including your story spoon and reading den.