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Thursday 4th March

Above, you will find the World Book Day Scavenger Hunt! 


How many of the items on the list can you find in the books you have?  Try to find as many as you can and send in your sheet, there will be 5 team points for the person with the most items on their list!


Remember to add the book name and page number for your item to count towards the final total!

World Book Day!


World Book Day


Welcome to World Book Day 2021! Today, we are leaving aside our normal lessons and have a variety of different activities to help us develop our love of reading. Some activities are just for our class, while others are being done by the whole school!


Try and make sure you remember to:

At 10.30am: Watch Words and Pictures: Bring Reading to Life (featuring Tom Fletcher, Fiona Lumbers, Joseph Coelho and Lydia Monks) here:


David Walliams Activities

  • Write 10 things that you notice about the illustration below. Feel free to print out the 10 Things I Notice About This Picture worksheet below and write around the illustration.
  • Watch the extract of ‘The World’s Worst Children’ by David Walliams (9 minutes long) here: 1. Dribbling Drew - The World's Worst Children by David Walliams | Books Read Aloud for Children - YouTube
  • Answer the Dribbling Drew Comprehension Questions on the extract. Please write your answers in full sentences.
  • Design a Bookmark for this story. Use colours and make it look amazing! Feel free to use the Bookmark Template below.
  • Think about this story and any others you know, by David Walliams. Can you write 10 questions that you would like to ask him about any characters in his books? Feel free to use the 10 Questions for David Walliams template below.
  • Complete the David Walliams Wordsearch!


Whole School Activities

  • Change a wooden spoon (or similar) into a book character at home; we ask that you take a photograph of your creation and email to Mrs Berryman at and then save your spoon to bring into school on return.
  • Make a reading den, or find yourself a hidden place to read - please ask a parent to capture your space with a photograph and email it to Mrs Berryman, too. During the day, ask a parent to play a noise or piece of music which is a signal for you to get in your den and read.


Have a great World Book Day!