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Thursday 7th January 2021


1. Do the 5 a day challenge.

2. Have a go on TT Rockstars.

3. Compete the LBQ task 'Subtract Numbers Mentally'

Code: exs

See the video in the Video Resource Centre.


Complete the second part of the reading about bees on the LBQ site. The code you need is: exs


Today we are continuing with the Dreamgiver. 

I would like you to watch the clips of the BFG that are below.  Once you have watched them once, watch them again and begin to compare the BFG with the Dreamgiver.  

Disney's The BFG - Official Trailer - YouTube

The BFG - Dreams - YouTube


Compare the attributes and characteristics of the  Dreamgiver and the BFG. What similarities and differences do they have? 

Consider the following points: 

• What do they look like?

• What do they wear?

• How do they move?

• Where do they store the dreams?

• How do they deliver the dreams?

• Who do they give the dreams to?

• Are they kind or malicious?

The grid to complete the task on is below. 


Now watch the clip of the Sandman from the film Rise of the Guardians. 

Rise of the Guardians - Meet Sandman - YouTube

Then compare the Sandman with the Dreamgiver.  How are they similar?  How are they different? Consider the points above. 

The second grid to complete this task is below. 

There is also a video in the Video Resource Centre 


We are going to begin a new unit all about videoing and editing videos.  

Today you need to download the Powerpoint below and work through it.  There are 3 key activities that you need to complete: 

1 - On slide 6 consider all the questions about video.

2 - On slide 8 and 9, play charades and consider the importance of audio. 

3 - On side 10 and 11, begin to plan your own video.  This can be created on a theme of your choosing that you are interested in.  

There is a video in the Video Resource Centre to access too. 


L.O. Can I say and write the days of the week?


-Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre of the key vocabulary taught by Mrs Rees

-You can then watch How to Say Days of the Week in German | German Lessons - YouTube to help you further

-Practise repeating them after Mrs Rees by stopping the video or by stopping the other clip above. If you are confident you could film yourself saying them!

-Then using the document (attached below) write out the days of the week as quickly as you can-you need to put them in order and be careful with the spellings!


Send all written work and or videos for German to