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Tuesday 18th January

Complete one slide from the 5 A Day powerpoint. 


Work through the Maths slides, or watch this video Aut6.11.3 - Multiply fractions by integers on Vimeo and complete the activities on the sheet attached.  Mark your answers afterwards. 


1 - Please read your FBA book for 10 minutes.  Read to your self and read aloud to an adult. 

2 - Complete the Reading task on LBQ.  The code is: wkvm


Think about the story The Arrival that we are studying in English. 

Look at the image below and imagine you have stepped into the picture.  Are the characters talking to each other?  What are they saying?  How do the characters feel?  If you could ask these characters a question, what would it be? What's happening beyond the edges of this picture, out of view of the reader, but visible as you have stepped into the book? 



Think about the main story events and try to create an emotions graph for the man and the different things that happen in the story. 


Think of the word Peace - what does this mean to you?  Jot down all your thoughts about peace - how do we find peace?  where do you find peace?


Read this story on biblegateway - Mark chapter 4, verses 35 - 41 - Jesus calms the storm - think about how Jesus brings peace to the disciples.  Make a list of times in your life when you have been in a situation when you would value Jesus bringing peace to you, how would your life have been different?   Send an email or a text to someone who you think might need a word of peace offered into their life today.  How has this made you feel?


If you have some paper - have a go at making this dove of peace


Then listen to some of these songs about peace and note down some of the words that you think express what true peace in our life looks like.

How to make a paper dove

Fun and easy to make, this paper craft can be used as a wedding decoration, a Christmas ornament or a peace dove symbol. Printable document at Music: Far Behind (YouTube Audio Library)

Songs Of Peace - Worship Together | New Worship Songs Music and Resources

Listen to a playlist of some of our favorite songs and find all of the lyrics, chords, and other song resources.