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Tuesday 18th January

Read ‘Quicksilver’ by Roger McGough

Let your imagination feed on the fantastic!


Today you are going to write a poem where you take an ordinary item and explore interesting ways to describe it to build vivid images and keep your reader guessing.


For example: Let's look at a spoon. Think about the different features. It has a silver, shiny, curved surface.

Develop these into noun phrases, e.g. curved reflective surface.

Extend your ideas using the imagination, e.g. shatterer of shivering egg shells or silent weapon with deadly intent or its wide curved smile hides a relentless hunger etc.


What everyday objects could you write about?


Children each choose an object and develop lots of ideas for their poems.

Use the ‘Writing Prompt’ to support you when writing 


Develop expanded noun phrases. These can be accurate description or ideas developed imaginatively, e.g. This silver shark with wide mouthed smile dives deep into milk-filled pools. etc.

Use alliteration, metaphors, similes, personification etc. to write ideas for your poem. 

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