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Tuesday 19th January

Maths Today we are focusing on a full co-ordinate grid (plane) with all four quadrants.

There will be a Microsoft Teams meeting at 9:30am, which will be recorded.


1. 5 a day


2. Print out the sheet called 'All Four Quadrants' to write on during the Teams lesson.

If you are not on the Teams lesson, print out the sheet 'Quadrants Information Sheet', for instructions on how to fill in the 'All Four Quadrants' sheet at home.


3. Complete the lessons on My Maths on co-ordinates. Letters with instructions for My Maths are being emailed to parents/carers.


Task One:  Complete the Modal Verb task on the LBQ site.  The code for the task is: pix


Task Two:  Join the live lesson on Teams at 11:00am and we will be learning to plan a narrative based on the style of Lemony Snicket. The lesson will be recorded and available to view in the Team chat. 

If you'd like to view the video of Chaperon Rouge again before you start your plan, the link is below. 

Chaperon Rouge - THE LITERACY SHED


Read Chapter Six using the video below and then answer the questions.  The questions are all inference based and you should support your answers with evidence from the book.  E.g. I think.... as the text says...

1 - Why do you think the children were a little bit nervous about their breakfast?
2 - Why do you think the children exchanged nervous glances when they knew Count Olaf had found out about their visit to Mr Poe?
3 - Do you agree that Count Olaf calls himself their ‘father’?
4 - Why do you think Klaus remained silent when Count Olaf spoke?
5 - Find a word which suggests Violet is scared of Count Olaf.

Chapter Six

Still image for this video


Open the text below which you can follow with my video. Go to Video resource for my introduction to our first significant woman, called Deborah.

Task 1 :     Watch this video of Deborah to remind you of the story.

Think about 

How does Deborah include Barak in God’s plan to overcome Sisera?

How does he feel about the task set before him ?  How does he respond?


Imagine you are Deborah- how did you feel when Barak asked for your help? Describe how God used you in his amazing plan to rescue his people from the enemy and how this was surprising because you are a woman! Which other woman helped this plan? (on the video).


Work through the activities of the Week 3 Timetable from the Lancashire School Games website.


This activity will be repeated on Friday afternoon's lesson, so spread the activities out over the two sessions, or repeat the lesson to see if there is an improvement in achievement or technique.