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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning, Mercury!


I hope you are well and enjoying our class work!


Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.


I am in school today, so please note I may not be able to respond quickly to emails.




Enjoy today’s Poetry Time at: and on facebook at 9am.


Year 4 (optional for Year 3):

Re-read Chapter 1 together (see below)

  • Plan out and write a newspaper report from the day that Agatha disappeared.
  • Think about the following: Who is your report about? Who was there at the time of the disappearance? What has happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Set your newspaper out properly. Include the following:
  • A headline (Is it catchy? You could use alliteration)
  • A picture
  • An introductory paragraph that briefly includes the 5 Ws (who,what, why, where, when)
  • Use the past tense and third person (he, she, it or they)
  • Put the information in chronological (time) order
  • A quote from an eyewitness (maybe Agatha’s father)
  • Write in columns
  • Have a look at First News online to help you with the format of a newspaper article. (The latest edition is freely available as a PDF if you sign up with an email.)
  • Read your work through and check for spelling and punctuation.


Table 2 (optional for Year 3):

Read together the opening extract from Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party from the collection Fearsome Four

  • DiscussHow is Henry feeling about his birthday? How are his Mum and Dad feeling about his birthday? Why are they feeling differently to Henry?
  • Support by watching the opening of the animated version of the same story up to 3:01 mins where Henry hands out his invitations at  
  • Design and write an invitation to Henry’s birthday party at Laser Zap. If you have some, look at party invitations you have received in the past for ideas. You will need to include:
  • To:
  • Please come to my birthday party!
  • On (date):
  • At (time):
  • Location (where):
  • Special requirements: (e.g. fancy dress, swimming costume, Henry may even be so rude as to ask for a huge present!)
  • Please reply to:
  • Remember to include capital letters at the start of peoples’ names, days of the week, months of the year, places, etc.
  • Decorate your invitation to make it as attractive as possible.



We are working on time on MyMaths.  Remember to work carefully through the slides on each lesson and have a go at the practice questions.


I have set tasks for you to complete throughout the week. Don’t worry if you don’t get through them all. Please let me know of any problems and we’ll try and sort them! Please don’t worry and just do your best. Please see Monday’s plans for logging in details.


Other Activities

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be: