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Tuesday 1st December

Advent Day 2020


Today’s Online Learning will be very different from what is to come in the next few days!

As we would have been celebrating Advent Day (1st December) in school, we will be doing some of the same activities at home. I hope you enjoy them!


  • Use books or the Internet to research the meaning of Christian/forenames (  is a good source for this). Can you find out and write down the meanings of the names of people in your family and your friends?
  • Now, which names and ideas do you associate with Jesus? Now use a Bible or the Internet to read Isaiah 9:6-7 and add to this list. Can you use WordArt to write these names for Jesus?
  • Watch/listen to Mr Kellington (in the Video Resource Centre - reading the start of The Tales of Desperaux (the movie we watched on Friday in class).
  • Now, on a piece of paper, illustrate, add words, pop-ups etc to represent the start of the story. Use your imagination with your presentation and try your best to include the key parts of this chapter. We will complete another of these in school to represent the rest of the book, at the end of term.
  • Draw around your hands on paper and cut out.  On your 2 hands, write your own hopes – one for your family and one for the world.  Decorate and make them look wonderful!
  • Read Matthew 24:42. Understand that Advent means the ‘coming.’ Think how we can get ready for Jesus to come, think about Christmas preparations and ways of making room for Jesus.  Think how you can use Christmas Time to bring light to others.  Record your ideas as a Kenning, where each line is two words, with a noun followed by a verb,