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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3 times table. As yesterday, start by counting in threes from 0 to 36 and back again. 

Then search for things to count with, like dried pasta or beans or buttons or beads. Put them neatly into 12 groups of 3. See photo below. Point count in threes, forwards and backwards. Practise again, starting from different multiples of 3. Keep your dried pasta, beans, buttons or beads to use through out the week.

Maths main. Time. Telling the time to the nearest minute. Count in fives and then ones to work out minutes past and minutes to on analogue clocks. See PowerPoint below.

English. Trolls. Look at the Talk for Writing booklet, The Truth about Trolls, below. Complete the Grammar Games on pages 8 and 9. This will help you use interesting adjectives in an exciting way when you write your own information text about trolls later in the week.

Guided Reading. The Twits by Roald Dahl. Re-read the chapters together about Mr Twit
and Dirty Beards at or see PowerPoint below.
Print this if you can so you can use a highlighter pen. Highlight (or make notes on) all the information you read about Mr Twit. Now create a fact file, poster or Top Trumps card about Mr Twit using the information you have read. Check your spelling and punctuation.

Art. Creative challenge: Use your ideas to draw your own troll - Link with your work in English by including the different features you described.