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Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Jupiter

It's getting warmer again this week.


Here are today's activities:


  • Read Anansi stories
  • – these have been told for centuries by parents and grandparents to children eager to hear of his mischievous ways. It is believed these stories originated in Ghana, Africa and are part of the long oral tradition of the Ashanti people. The word Anansi is a word from the Akan (also known as Twi and Fante) language, which simple means ‘spider.’)
  • Focus on effective words and phrases which capture the reader’s interest and imagination and display examples on the working wall. Use dictionaries, thesaurus, and the Word Hippo website to find definitions.
  • Choose a favourite Anansi story and ask the children to create a story map.


LBQ: Using Apostrophes For Plural Possession

Code: zxh


Maths: Try Week 4 Day 2 from an ability level of your choice.



Living things and their habitats – spiders - Watch this -  

Think about the life cycle of a spider. Jot down important science vocabulary and phrases about spider life cycles. Use to develop words, if needed.

Create a diagram to explain the life cycle of a spider.  Make sure your explanations are really clear.  Think carefully about the words you need to use. A life cycle is a circular diagram, a little bit like the story plan with arrows linking the boxes in a circular flow.


Have a super day!