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Tuesday 23rd November

Good Morning! 

I hope you are all OK. Well done for completing and sending all your work yesterday. Your learning for today is below.  Please do email your completed work to me - thank you! 


1 - Work through day two of 5 A Day. 

2 - Watch the video on this link and work through the lesson slides.  You are familiar with these as we use them in class.  Aut6.8.4 - Simplify fractions on Vimeo

I am also attaching the teaching slides below if the video does not work. 

3 - Complete the Maths tasks on the sheet below.  I have also posted the answers as I forgot yesterday - sorry! smiley

4 - If you'd like an extra challenge, there is some learning on LBQ linked to our objective. 


Today we are going to 'box up' all our notes from yesterday.  We did this last week when we were writing about Charles Darwin, so you are familiar with the process.  Please use the template provided and put your notes into the correct planning boxes.  If you find you have a box that is empty, or doesn't have much in it, you will need to do some further research.  Perhaps refine your search (think back to your learning in computing) and add the information to the plan. 

You will be using your plan to write your paragraphs over the next couple of days.  


Once you have added all your notes to your boxes, add some adverbials and cohesive devices that you will use in your writing.  I am attaching a sheet with lots of suggestions on. 


Please email your completed plan and keep it safe ready for tomorrow. 


1 - Complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  The code you need is: nzhc

2 - Read a chapter, or two, from your FBA book. 


Please practise and learn the next 6 spellings from the spelling list - the list is on the page from yesterday and can also be found in the spelling section from the main class page.  Remember to use strategies that we would in class: speed write, trace, pyramid write, rainbow write, write a mnemonic - Big Elephants Can Always Use Small Ears


Open and search for Psalm 37. Read the whole psalm and answer these questions -

a) what is the message of this psalm? 

b)  Which words do you find the most interesting? Why?   

c) Explain how the Psalmist encourages the reader to have hope?


Graphic Score


Look at the symbols in the picture below.  'Perform' these shapes as you think they would sound, corresponding to the movement of the shape.  In the empty boxes, draw some of your ideas as symbols and practise how they might sound.  Put some of those sounds together and create a 'composition' with your sounds.