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Tuesday 23rd November

English - Features of a Travel Writing Report

Firstly, read the 'Four Quotes'

What do you know about any of the authors of these quotes?  What is in common between these quotes?


Secondly, look at the picture the books.

Millions of travel books are sold every year. There are entire bookshops that specialise just in travel books. Nowadays publishers put travel writing in books and publish it on the web and in apps as well.


Read the contents page of the Rough Guide website:


Thirdly, look at the pictures the travel books.

What might we expect to find in these books? What information might there be? What pictures or diagrams? What style of writing?


Next, write down the features that you would expect to find.

 For example: pictures, maps, practical information, travel tips, information about food, history


Finally, read the three fact files about three different countries.

Australia is the most straightforward, Kenya the most challenging.


Using Travel Writing Notes sheet look for new and interesting vocabulary, separating it into vocabulary to do with a specific country and vocabulary that could be used for other countries or travel generally.