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Tuesday 25th January

1 - Complete the second slide on the 5 A Day slides


2 - Watch the video on the link: Aut6.12.4 - Fractions of an amount - find the whole on Vimeo then work through the slides below and complete the tasks on the sheet.  Once complete, mark your answers. 


1 - Read your FBA book for 10-15 minutes.  Try to read aloud to an adult and to yourself. 

2 - Complete the reading lesson on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is: yj98


Today I would like you to work through the slides below and produce a short speech.  You can either record this and send it to me, or send me your written outcome. 


Complete some Grammar for 15 minutes on 



Look at the slides below

  1. What can you remember about the story of Jesus having a 'last meal' with his friends?  Was the mood happy or solemn?
  2. Find these items in the last supper image, also known as The Eucharist and explain in your own words why they might be included in this picture and what relevance they have to the message of Jesus' life and death?:  
  • hammer & nails 
  • keys
  • Mary (in blue), Jesus' mother looking sad
  • scroll (remember when we looked at scrolls from Judaism ?)
  • Seder plate - look this up and then write a paragraph of what it is about.

Finally - what questions would you ask of Jesus if you had been at this last supper with him?