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Tuesday 26th January


Mrs Smallshaw will be teaching our Maths lesson on Teams at 9:30am.  Today we are learning about ordering decimals up to 3 decimal places (3.d.p). 

If you miss the lesson, you can download it from the Teams posts within the UKS2 group, and the powerpoint is below. 


Task One: 5 a day (ppt below)

Task Two: Hands on Maths (ppt below)

Task Three: Complete the tasks on the LBQ site.  Code: hjs


Greater Depth Sheet (see below)


Our English lesson will be on Teams at 11:00am with Mrs Smallshaw.

We will recap the work you did yesterday, looking at the text and picking out the key explanation features.  We will then look at another text and you'll be taught how to find the features and how to compare the texts. 

Your task after the lesson

Choose either text one or text two (text one is the one from the input, aimed at Year 5, and text two is the text from yesterdays input, aimed at Year 6) and then look at the water cycle text.  Compare the two texts, by identifying the features within them and complete the table. Think about which type of text is most effective and why. 

Send your completed table to your teacher.


Read Chapter 9 below using the video. Then complete the summary and retrieval questions. 


What was the forbidden tower made of?

Where had Sunny been put in the tower?

How high is the tower?

What will the ‘punishment’ be?


Order these events in chronological order (1-4)

Violet agreed to marry Count Olaf ___

Count Olaf walked them into the garden ____

They saw Sunny ___

They looked up at the tower ____

Chapter 9

Still image for this video


Work through the activities of the Week 4 Timetable from the Lancashire School Games website.

RE :     Significant Women in the bible

Week 3

 Read the text of the story of Rahab in the book called Joshua on the word document below.  You can watch this story on this video link too:  Rahab and the Spies (Joshua 2) - YouTube

Think about 

Rahab made a very quick decision to hide the spies in her house. Why do you think she did this? What do you think the King would have done to her if his men had found the spies ?


Complete the storyboard grid with the details of Rahab and the Israelite spies.  In the final box draw Rahab at the window and glue a small piece of red chord (or wool) for her sign that she put out so that her family were saved.  Write short sentences to go with each scene of your story.