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Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 4 times table.

Start by counting in fours from 0 to 48 and back again.

Then search for things to count, I used Oxo cubes. Put them neatly into 12 groups of 4. See photo below. Point count in fours, forwards and backwards. Practise again, starting from different multiples of 4. Keep your counters to use through the week.

Maths main. Recall and use multiplication and division facts.

First collect examples of multiplication in the real world. Arrays are common in everyday life, in items such as carpet tiles, windows, solar panels and trays of cans.

Then discover how many multiplication calculations can you write with answers of 24, 48 or 64? I'll start you off with 3 x 8 = 24. Finally complete the coins cards on the PowerPoint below.

English. Watch this song about eggs:
Discuss which type of eggs you like to eat? Write a few sentences about each type of egg
and say why you like/don’t like them, e.g. I adore scrambled eggs because… I don’t like fried eggs because… I love boiled eggs because ... I’m not keen on poached eggs because…Check each sentence for spelling and punctuation.

Guided Reading. Watch this clip of Matilda making pancakes.

Write sentences around what you like to eat on your pancakes e.g. syrup, lemon, sugar,
orange etc. Check each sentence for spelling and punctuation.
You could make some pancakes or eggs for lunch after this! Ask a grown-up to help you.

History. Castles. First draw a picture of a castle and think about what kind of features make a good castle. Then look at the photos of four famous castles. See PowerPoint below. How does your picture compare with the photos? Most castles were built in Medieval times from 500AD to 1500AD. Then print the photos of the castles and cut them out. Put them in order from the oldest looking castle to the most recent looking castle. Use secondary sources to find the dates when each castle was built. Check your castles are in the right order. Change them round if you need to. Finally list 5 similarities that all the castles share. Think why these features are important. Follow these links to find out:

Extension work: Use junk modelling to create one of these castles. Make sure that the important features of the castle are evident in the model. You could put labels on your model.