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Tuesday 2nd February


Mr Bird  will be teaching our lesson on Teams at 9:30am.  This week our learning focuses on Division.  

If you miss the lesson, you can download it from the Teams posts within the UKS2 group, and the powerpoint is below. 


Task One: 5 a day (ppt below)

Task Two: Hands on Maths (ppt below)

Task Three: Work through the powerpoint before choosing the most appropriate worksheet.


Today we are going to begin writing our explanation texts about Re-useable Energy.  Our lesson on Teams at 11:00am will go through how we write an explanation and we will look carefully at a model of the introduction.  

Below, there is a wordbank of causal conjunctions and a success criteria of features to help you structure your piece.  


Your task today is on the LBQ site.  You need to read the text carefully and then answer the questions.  Remember to take your time and check your answers before you submit them.  The code for the lesson is: mddt 


Work through the activities of the Week 5 Timetable from the Lancashire School Games website.


Task 1 :     Read the text of the story of Ruth in your bible, chapter 1, verses 3 to 18   (or see document below).

Why do you think Ruth has her own book?  (Listen to my introduction on the Resource page)

Task 2:  Open the PPT below and complete the Family Tree (why don’t you draw your own version).

Look at the questions on the PPT slide and answer in full sentences.