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Tuesday 2nd March


Today we are learning how to multiply unit fractions by an integer. There will be a Teams meeting at 9:30am.

The powerpoint and tasks are below.


Today we are going to develop an alien character and then write a plan for our story that we will write tomorrow and Friday.  There will be a lesson on Teams at 11:15am and we will teach you what to think about when creating your character and writing your plan. The planning template you need to use is below. 


Our Reading tasks this week are again linked to our Science topic: Earth & Space. 

This week the text is about Tim Peake. 

Today you need to complete the first of two tasks on the LBQ site.  This is a pre-read task that will introduce you to the text. Remember to read the text carefully before answering the questions. The code for the lesson is: Tanzanite: nm6h Amber: 9kjb (please use the correct code for your class!)


Open the document for your Easter Week 2 lesson


Today you should continue with the new challenges set out last week (see file below).