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Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning Mars Class,

Here are the lessons for today;

Maths warm up. Subtract mentally a three-digit number and hundreds. Draw a ladder with nine spaces. Write a three-digit number with a 9 in the hundreds column in the top space. See example below. Count down in hundreds, recording the numbers in each space. When you have finished, count forwards and backwards in hundreds from that number. Repeat for other start numbers over 900.

Maths Main. Comparing fractions. See PowerPoint below.

English. Shape poems - Organisation and structure. Example: Snake Glides by Keith Bosley

See PowerPoint below.

Guided Reading. The Sheep-Pig Chapter 4. See scans below. Please read or have someone at home read it to you. How do you think Babe is going to learn how to round up sheep?

Computing. Coding made easy. Follow this link