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Tuesday 8th December

 English Today we will be writing the first draft of a ghost's account of the moment they appeared to Scrooge in 'The Christmas Carol Story'. Look closely at the success criteria when writing your piece.


 1st  Complete the grammar warm up (below). 


Read this first:

The present progressive (continuous) is formed using am, is or are together with the ing (present participleform of the verb. E.g. 

He / She / It is sweeping the floor at the moment
You / We / They are giving

me a headache


The past progressive tense is used to describe an ongoing activity in the past. For example:

  • John was baking a cake.
  • They were painting the fence.



Write a first draft of the moment you (in character as your chosen ghost) approach

Scrooge to take him on the journey you have planned). Here is an example to help you to write your own account. Include the thoughts of your ghost and remember the work you have done over the last couple of days. Remember, you are only writing about the moment that you, the ghost, collected Scrooge and no more of the story.


I entered the dark and dingy room. Straight away, I realised why I had been sent there. Any form of love or care for anything was absent here. This house, this room belonged to a person from whom all forms of care and affection had all but departed - all except a tiny shred of hope. There was something that could be tapped into, something from his past that could be rekindled in order to bring him to his senses. It dawned upon me that this night would be the most important night of this old man's life. It was clear to me that this night presented the last chance of salvation for this cold, bitter form that slept before me.


Success Criteria

Use details you already know from the story

Write seven sentences as a minimum

Use a thesaurus or to find specific vocabulary

Think about the character of the ghost you have chosen

Read over each sentence out loud after you have written it


Try the maths advent calendar challenge for 4th December (see previous page)

Today we are beginning 'angles'.


Complete an LBQ Task.

Recognise Angles as a Property of Shape or Description of a Turn (Easier)

Calculate Angles at Different Points (Harder)

Solve Problems Involving Angles at Different Points (Harder Still)


Click Here Learning by Questions (

Select 'Connect as Pupil'

Enter your first name

Code - 'oze'



Practise Mental Arithmetic Skills

Print out one of the Maths Salamanders Files for Year 4, 5 or 6.



There are extra maths tasks to try on the Tanzanite page.

 Art  London Architecture and Hatching Skills

Have a look at the file containing photographs of iconic London buildings (below). Look closely at the outline of the building and the shapes and lines of the structure as a whole.

Choose your favourite one.

1. Draw the outline

2. Add lines and shapes of the structure

3. Use a mixture of hatching and cross hatching to add shade and texture (see short video)

4. Take your time