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Tuesday 8th December

Good morning, Topaz Class!


Please see, below, our learning tasks for today. For more accessible tasks for some children, try the Table 2 activities.


Many thanks!


You may wish to begin the day with our Worship Video from Bishop Philip, at the Video Resource Centre.




  • Think again about the Papa Panov’s Special Day story and the 3 visitors.
  • Imagine what sorts of things the visitors may have said to Papa Panov.
  • Now draw two large speech bubbles and, in each, write something that one of the visitors may have said.
  • Eg. Thank you so much for inviting me into your home. It was so very kind of you! (imagine this was in a speech bubble - the website won't let me!)



Now write the words said, using correct punctuation. Eg

The roadsweeper said to Papa Panov, “Thank you so much for inviting me into your home. It was so very kind of you!”

  • Please note:

The upper case letter at the start.

The comma just before the speech.

The inverted commas before Thank and after you.

The explanation mark (if needed).

  • Now repeat for the two other visitors.



Today, I would like you to spend 45 minutes on the MyMaths tasks I have set for you on Addition and Subtraction.


Please also try to access Times Tables RockStars and develop your skills. For children who have not yet passed their 2/5/10s, I have adapted your tasks to focus on these. If your parents can also read out the tables for you (with 3 second break each question) they can test your learning. Next week, we will resume listening tests in class.


In addition, you may wish to try the Maths questions below.


 Other Activities

Monday to Thursday

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be:

  • Art: Have a go at carefully copying the repeating patterns on the document below. Then try and produce your own version of a repeating pattern and – if possible – try to repeat the same pattern on a computer. This is a similar task to the one we did in Computing earlier, this term.


  • French: Practise your numbers to 20 and Colours by using the documents below. Learn the words, practise saying them (with a French accent) then test yourself.


  • Science 1: Research the Water Cycle. Use these videos:

The Water Cycle | Educational Video for Kids - YouTube

Water Cycle : The 3 phases Explained : Water Cycle Animation for Kids - YouTube

            And have a look at these pages:

What is evaporation and condensation? - BBC Bitesize

What is the water cycle? - BBC Bitesize

… and then show what you have learnt, in the form of a poster or information leaflet. Make sure you use the vocabulary eg. condensation, evaporation, water cycle. You could try drawing round a puddle with chalk, then repeat each couple of hours to see what happens – and explain why?


  • Science 2: Find out about what happens when you heat or cool objects eg. water, chocolate. Have a look at these resources:

What are freezing and melting? - BBC Bitesize

Could you plan an investigation and find out (with adult supervision)? Baking is always fun to do, with this learning! Record your findings, making sure you include the correct scientific vocabulary eg. heat, cool, temperature, thermometer, freezing, melting.