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Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Fractions. You will need 96 counters for this activity (or buttons or cards or clothes pegs). Start with 16 counters for this example. Write down 1/8 on a piece of paper. Find 1/8 of your counters. Remember the numerator and the denominator, to find 1/8, we share the counters into eight equal parts. Write the number sentence 1/8 of 16 = 2. See photo below. Now find 1/8 of the following numbers and write the number sentences that go with them: 80, 48, 64, 24, 96.

Maths main. Money. Complete the questions on the activity sheet Adding and Subtracting Money. Don't forget to use the counting up strategy to calculate the change from £10. See the PowerPoint below.

Guided Reading. Read and enjoy the activities suggested for keeping active on this
website: 10 Minute Shake Up

Try out some of these with your family!

English. Now design your own shake up activity. Write the instructions following the same
structure as the activity instructions you’ve just read. Design a title for your own shake-up activity. Write your instructions using numbered steps. Include some pictures and diagrams. Now try out your shakeup activity. Is it clear for others to follow? Return to your writing and edit the instructions if you need to. Do you need to make the steps clearer for your audience to follow?

D&T. Picture Frame Project. Generate and develop ideas for your design. (See pages 3 and 4 of the D&T booklet.) First write down your design criteria (what you want your frame to do) this is important, you will need to refer back to it later. Then draw and label ideas for your frame. Choose your best idea and draw and label how it will stand up on its own. 

Poetry. Practise our class poem: "Hey, Little Bug!" by Tai-Shona Britto.