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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning, Mercury!


How’s it going? I hope you are all well and working hard!


Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.




Enjoy today’s Story Time at: and on facebook at 9am.


Year 4/Year 3/Table 2

  • Look back at your table from yesterday. Think about the characters and their relationship. You are going to help David Walliams write his next book by helping him invent a child and adult character.
  • Draw your characters and label them. Think about:
  • Is your child a boy or a girl?
  • Is the adult a man or a woman?
  • What will their relationship be? (Uncle, Auntie, Grandma, Mum, Step Mum, Dad, Step Dad, Cousin, Sister, Half Sister etc.)
  • What do they look like?
  • Do they have any unusual features?
  • Label your new characters. Try to use some expanded noun phrases for your labels, e.g. On top of her head she wore a ruby red beret with a large ostrich feather attached to the side.
  • Write a short paragraph to introduce your characters. Include a description of what they look like and some interaction between the characters. Do your characters like each other, admire each other, trust each other, dislike each other or despise each other? Use what they say and do to show this in your writing, e.g. As Auntie Ada entered the room, Isla froze. Immediately, her eyes darted to the floor to avoid any eye contact. “Look up girl when I walk in to the room!” demanded Auntie Ada. From this we can tell that Isla is scared of Auntie Ada and that Auntie Ada is authoritative.
  • When you have finished, read through your writing and check your spelling and punctuation.



Year 4/Year 3/Table 2

This week we need to work through the activities below – either by looking at the screen and writing the answers down or by printing off the sheets. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you look through the sheets before you begin, so you can find the answers, extra support materials and the different levels of task - Mild (easier) and Hot (harder). There may also be activities to work with somebody else on. If there is a PowerPoint Presentation, then watch this first, listening to the teaching at the same time. All the answers are provided.

Y4: Column Subtraction, perimeter, area

Y3: Adding and Subtracting Multiples, symmetry and shape

Table 2: Counting, multiples, shape


Other Activity

For this few days, I am giving you a small topic that all KS2 classes will be getting involved in:

Design, Make and Evaluate a Nature Picture Frame (then take a selfie inside your frame!)

  • Using the Design Booklet and Examples below, you need to look at different types of picture frames to decide on the type you would like to design.
  • Think about structures and how picture frames stand.
  • Explore and collect natural materials for creating a picture frame.
  • Make and evaluate the fame, using the criteria you came up with.  Please send me a picture of the completed product.
  • When we return to school, all children will bring their frame into school with their favourite Lockdown photograph in it and we will create a big display of them all!