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Wednesday 10th February


Today we are looking at long multiplication with decimals. Mr. Bird has uploaded another video onto the Video Resource Centre to show you how to tackle this.


Choose the relevant sheet for your ability level from the file below.


Task One: Watch the video clip on this site and remind yourself about synonyms and antonyms. There is also a game to play too. What are synonyms and antonyms? - BBC Bitesize

Task Two: Our lesson on Teams at 11:00am will focus on synonyms and antonyms.  We will look at how to create a semantic map together and then use this to generate sentences.  The slides from the lesson are below and you may need the image too.  There is also a template for the semantic map that you can use.  


Complete the second of three tasks on the LBQ site.  This week we have a fiction text to read and today you are looking at retrieval.  Remember the answers are in the text.  The code for the lesson is: 2vnj


Now it's time to see how much you have remembered from our 'Electricity' topic.

Open the file below and complete the questions.


Work through the PPT below. Answer the questions and have a go at making a Memory Box