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Wednesday 13th January

Maths Today we are focusing on formulas of linear sequences. Today's lesson will be a live lesson on Microsoft Teams at 9:30am.


1. Complete todays' 5 a day (Spring 1 Week 2 Wednesday - below).

2. Do the 'Hands On Maths for today (see below).

3. Todays lesson is on the powerpoint below. Follow it through and email the work across when done. If you are doing the LBQ, it cannot be emailed.

Harder  - LBQ 'Number Sequences' Year 6/7 level

Easier - sequences sheet (below)

If you missed the live lesson, you can log into Teams using your child username and login and watch a recording of the lesson.


Today our lesson is live on Teams at 11:00am.  Mrs Smallshaw will be teaching the lesson and will go through all the tasks with you.  You can view the Powerpoint below and if you have missed the live lesson you can still access it through Teams in the chat area. 


Use the video below to read the next part of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  You will need to read this before our English lesson on Thursday -thank you! 

Chapter 4

Still image for this video


Today we are going to experiment building circuits, before creating circuit diagrams of the what we create.

Using this website:

Try to build the following circuits:

- 2 cells, and a buzzer

- 2 cells and a bulb

- 2 cells and a motor

Have a play around and see what you can discover about circuits.


Draw a circuit diagram for each circuit you make, using the correct circuit symbols. The website can help with this.




Thank you for your thoughts on emotions last week.  This week, we will think about how we sometimes experience difficult emotions because our relationships can be challenging – in our families, with our friends or anyone else.   Look carefully at the pictures in the powerpoint below and spend some time reflecting on the emotions that might be experienced by the people in the images. 


Task:  look at the resilience wheel on the last slide.  Make one for yourself by cutting out a large circle out of card. Draw sections on it like this model and write ideas for how you can ‘manage’ your emotions in times of difficulty. Look at my suggestions and think of some more for yourself.  Share those with me