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Wednesday 13th May



1 - Complete the 5 a day task below. We are on day three. Remember to mark you answers afterwards and go over anything you found tricky. 

2 - Complete the Ratio lesson on My Maths.  Remember to complete all the slides within the lesson first and then move on to the homework task.  If you are not happy with our outcomes and want to try again, you can reset the homework task and complete it again.  
3 - Complete the second set of Reasoning Questions.  Remember to mark your answers and go back over any errors. 


Watch author Pádraig Kenny talking about his novel Tin in the following short clip:


“The main idea I had was an image I had of a man attempting to sell a robotic boy to a
childless couple at Christmas. The novel progressed from there.”


Think about and record in writing, responses to the following:
• Why is this image so powerful?
• Why do you think Pádraig Kenny chose to open his novel with this scene?
• What impression does this scene give the reader of Mr Absalom and the robotic child


Using this week’s extract, create an illustration to accompany this scene.
• How will you illustrate Mr Absalom, Jack, Christopher and the childless couple?
• How do your illustrations help the reader to gain an understanding of each


Mrs Melling's Grammar Task

Mrs Melling has created you a grammar task to work through on conjunctions.

Learning Lounge Learning


1 - Complete the 7 times table task on My Maths


2 - Complete the money problems lesson and homework task on My Maths 


Read and enjoy this poem out loud together: The Dentist and the Crocodile by Roald Dahl


Read the poem again out loud. Improve how you read it using an excitable voice where needed (expression).
Spot new and interesting words (write them down) and discuss what they mean, e.g. require, repair, quivered, quaked, fearsome, molars, weeping, despair, and any other new words you find.


Look up the new words found in the poem to find synonyms (words that mean the same) by using a thesaurus or Word Hippo.  Write these down. This will help to practise spelling some new words and extend vocabulary.

Discuss your favourite parts of the poem. Write a poem review using these ideas:
I like this poem because…
My favourite words in the poem are…
I would recommend this poem because…
Out of 10 stars, I would give this poem… because…


Mrs Melling's Grammar Task

Mrs Melling has created you a grammar task to work through on conjunctions.