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Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are you lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Place value. I have a puzzle for you... I have used 15 place value counters to make a three-digit number on my place value grid. Draw a big place value grid on a piece of paper and try and work out the number I could have made. Can you find 10 possibilities? (I have started you off.) Now put all the numbers that you have made in order from smallest to largest. See PowerPoint below.    

Maths main. Statistics. In our lesson today we are learning to improve our interpretation of bar charts. Complete the Read and Interpret Data Using Bar Charts question set on the LbQ site. This code will work until 6pm on this date.

The code you need is: xae

Remember to interpret the scales carefully and use subtraction to find the difference.

English. The apostrophe ('). Last week we learnt the difference between the plural and the possessive s. This week we are going to learn how to use apostrophes for plural possession. Complete the Using Apostrophes for Plural Possession question set on the LbQ site. This code will work until 6pm on this date. Remember plural meansmore than one. The code you need is: xae

Spelling. Homophones. Look at the homophones in the spelling list. Draw and label three different pairs of homophones. See PowerPoint below. Practise your spellings for this week, then ask a grown up to test you. Do the best you can!