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Wednesday 19th January

Complete one slide from the 5 A Day powerpoint. 


Work through the Maths slides, or watch this video Aut6.11.4 - Multiply fractions by fractions on Vimeo and complete the activities on the sheet attached.  Mark your answers afterwards. 


1 - Please read your FBA book for 10 minutes.  Read to your self and read aloud to an adult. 

2 - Complete the Reading task on LBQ.  The code is n2yy


Complete some of the task set on


Use the Powerpoint below and work through the slides to develop a greater awareness of the next part of the story.  There are lots of questions to think about and respond to.  Watching the commentary at the end of the lesson, will help you to gain a greater understanding of the story. 


1 - Complete the two Friction tasks on the LBQ site - n2yy

2 - Research friction and create a visual diagram to explain more about it.  Use diagrams and add labels.  This can be done electronically, or on paper.