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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Solve scaling problems. Each square represents 4 metres. Draw three towers with squares to represent 12 metres, 28 metres and 36 metres. See photo below for examples.

Maths main. Shape and angles. Remember that angles describe the amount of turn. Look round the house for examples of dynamic angles, like door handles, laptop hinges and the hands on a clock. Write down as many dynamic angles as you can in two minutes. Then complete the challenge Turning Turning to make your own repeating patterns. See PowerPoint below.

Guided Reading. The Shoe People. Watch and enjoy the introduction to The Shoe People in the first episode, Can You Keep a Secret?
Write down the names of the different shoe people in the film that you meet, where they live, and describe their houses, e.g.
Chorley the clown lives in a … house.
It has…
It is…
Remember to use capital letters for the names of the characters and describe each house using interesting words (adjectives).

English. The Shoe People. Watch and enjoy these episodes of The Shoe People and discuss what happened in each:
The Windmill has Stopped
This is to prepare ideas for creating a new story tomorrow!

Spelling. Practise your spellings for this week. Suffixes. Learn how to add a suffix to a root word. If the root word has a short vowel then double the consonant. If the root word ends in e, drop the ‘-e’ when adding a suffix beginning with a vowel (the exception in ‘being’).