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Wednesday 20th May

Bonjour Jupiter.

Here are today's activities:

Please check the email that mentions the song Mrs Fourie wants you to learn, sing, record on video and send to her by Friday. This is one of the tasks for you to do this week.


Maths: My Maths

Year 4 Either Short Division or Interpreting Remainders



Year 5, Convert Between Units of Time

Code: pwm



Venn diagram activity from Jupiter page - tricky!


English: Day 3 from the plan

Year 4 - Write down interesting facts about an animal of your choice.

Year 5 - Write a scene from the Titanic in narrative form, using high-quality sentences and phrases.


LBQ: Y4 Use Standard and Non-Standard English

Y5 Revision of Word Classes

Code: pwm


Complete a spelling mat.


Read to an adult for 15 minutes.


Complete a task from the Activities Grid


Have a brilliant day.