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Wednesday 21st October

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths. Number sequences. Show you can describe and extend number sequences involving counting on or back in different steps by completing the task below.

English. Write the build up for your own Paddington story. Look at the planning grid you made on Monday. Remember to include noun phrases, e.g. the ancient vase with an intricate pattern to draw the reader in with your description. See my second paragraph below.

Reading. View and enjoy the story of Into the Forest by Anthony Browne:

Discuss the answer to these questions with a grown up:

Why does mum tell her son not to go through the forest to get to grandma's?

Why do you think he disobeys her?

What was the boy thinking?

Why did he decide to go through the forest?

What would you say to the boy if you were talking to him?

Would you tell him to turn around and go home or go the quickest way because his grandma is poorly? 

Spelling. Practise your spellings for this week. They are all words with the /eɪ/ sound. See the activity below. Ask a grown up to test you when you are ready - try and get full marks!