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Wednesday 24th November

Good Morning! 

I hope you are all OK. Well done for completing and sending all your work yesterday. Your learning for today is below.  Please do email your completed work to me - thank you! 


1 - Work through day two of 5 A Day. 

2 - Watch the video on this link and work through the lesson slides.  You are familiar with these as we use them in class. Aut6.8.5 - Improper fractions to mixed numbers on Vimeo

I am also attaching the teaching slides below if the video does not work. 

3 - Complete the Maths tasks on the sheet below.  I have also posted the answers.  


Today we are going to write the first two parts to our biography about John Lennon.  I'd like you to write the introduction and the Early Life paragraph.  Please follow your plan and use the cohesion sheet to ensure you keep your writing formal and move ideas on.  

Remember, after each sentence: re-read your work, look at your spellings and check you have remembered your punctuation.  Try to apply the skills you used last week when you wrote your biography about Charles Darwin.  

Once complete, please do send me the first two paragraphs.  


1 - Complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  The code you need is: bhvn

2 - Read a chapter, or two, from your FBA book. 


Today I would like you to create a fact-file on animals and how they have evolved to thrive in their habitats. 

1 - Research an animal in depth - make notes on its habitat and appearance, diet and defence. 

2 - Use the information to create a fact file on the evolutionary history of the animal and how its adapted to suit its environment.  

Please include images and diagrams and present your work in an eye-catching way.