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Wednesday 24th November

English - Comparison and Research

  • Firstly, read the Algeria Factfile. It comes from an atlas and is about the African country, Algeria. What sort of writing is this? (It’s factual, brief and clear) Why do you think it has been written this way? (For easy reference)
  • Secondly, read the Algeria Article from Lonely Planet Kids Travel Book p91. This is about the same country. But how is it different to the first text about Algeria? What do you notice? Answer: longer sentences; descriptive language (‘mighty’, ‘iconic’); personalised style (‘you could fit’, ‘If you want to see’); informality (‘doddery’) and jokes (‘not at the same time’).
  • Which of the two texts is the most interesting to read and which is the easiest in which to find facts?

Choose your own country to research. Use the Research Grid to make notes about your chosen country. Use the topics on the grid to focus your attention when you are researching. You can use atlases, travel books and the internet:

History - World War Inventions


Can you create a PowerPoint about the inventions from the World Wars? 


Use the document to help with some of the main inventions during World War I and World War II. 



Can you create a mind map about a moth?


Put as much information as you can in the mind map about moths. 


Use the video and the information website to help you.