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Wednesday 26th January

Today we are doing a Maths assessment on all the work we have completed on fractions.  Please complete papers A and B.  I have attached the answers so you can mark your work.  Please bring these into school with you when you come back, or email your outcomes if you complete on screen. Thank you!


The Spellings are on the website in the spelling section of our class page.  Please look at the focus suffix and practise your spellings.  Remember to identify which part of the word is tricky and practise that part.  


1 - Read your FBA book for 10-15 minutes.  Try to read aloud to an adult and to yourself. 

2 - Complete the reading lesson on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is:


Today I would like you to watch and then answer the questions below. Once complete watch the second video one year later. What do you notice? 


Mahmoud's story, a 10 year old refugee's journey from Syria to Sweden (

  1. Which country is Mahmoud from?
  2. Which country does he live now?
  3. What job does he do with his Dad?
  4. How does that job make him feel?
  5. Why doesn’t he go to school?
  6. How did he try and escape?
  7. What happened when he was caught?
  8. How long was he imprisoned for?
  9. What does he wish for?

Watch Mahmoud one year on:

Mahmoud's story, a 10 year old refugee's journey from Syria to Sweden (

Now visit and after reading answer the questions. 

UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

Read several of the real-life stories on there. They are all powerful and important but did any one have a particular impact on you? Why?

How did reading these stories make you feel?

What would you do in the same situation?

If more people read ‘The Arrival’ would it make a difference?


Today I would like you to explore the idea of Gravity. 

1 - First go outside and throw a ball high up in the air.  Count and see how long it take for the ball to come back down.  What do you notice?  Throw it at different heights and see how many claps you can do between throws. 

2 - Then jump high in the air and count how long it takes for you to come back down. 

3 - Get some paint and mix it with water.  Put it onto a piece of paper and hang it up - what do you notice?  Now turn the piece of paper round - what has happened?

Now write a short conclusion to explain what you noticed and why the things you noticed happened. 

From these activities you might have noticed one force is playing a role - Gravity. 

Watch Gravity - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize  these videos to develop a greater understanding.