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Wednesday 27th January

Maths Today were are learning about 'averages' or the 'mean'.

There will be a Teams meeting at 9:30.


The work for today is on My Maths:

All Averages

Mean and Mode


Today we will be on Teams at 11:00am revising the past and present tense and learning how to take notes.  More to be revealed within the lesson. 

The powerpoint is below and you will need to download the PDF of useful sites and videos to help you with your research.  


Read Chapter Ten using the video below and then answer the inference question below. 

Why do you think Violet was up all night?

Why do you think Violet was nervous when the hook fell back down off the tower?

Find and copy a phrase which shows Violet was really scared whilst executing her plan.


Now think about the following prediction question and record your answer. 

Predict whether Violet will make it out of the tower with Sunny.

Chapter 10

Still image for this video

Science Alessandro Vota Factfile


Write and decorate a factfile about this Italian physicist. He invented the 'electrophorus' and the 'voltaic pile' (the voltaic pile led to the invention of batteries).


Include the following:


Early Life

Key Inventions and Discoveries



This set of slides is a great source of information for you to take notes from, before you create the factfile in your own words.


Use the internet to find other information you may need.



Last week we thought of how we would respond to an incident when we are asked to do something considered to be wrong.   This week we will explore how we can nurture ‘healthy’ relationships. Look at the PPT and think about the words in the bubbles.  

Task 1: Draw yourself a table as in slide 4 and put words to describe either good or harmful relationships.

Task 2 :   Read the question on the board in slide 5 and write your thoughts in a large speech bubble.  Send to