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Wednesday 2nd December

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

I will post a video on Facebook and on the Video Resource Centre of this website (See 'Menu')

Please photograph and email work done to 



We are starting our Christmas Writing Unit today, based on the book 'Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol, Retold by Tony Mitton'


 1st  Look at the copy of the first image from the book (with the text removed).

This is the first image in the story

I would like you to study it carefully and guess the themes of the story from the image.

Make a list of two, three or four possible themes with a reason. E.g. ‘The theme of loneliness as he is alone at a table’ or ‘fear as the illustration is dark and foreboding.’ etc.


 2nd  Read the descriptive story openers

Highlight, or think of one or two short sections within each opener that you find most intriguing or engaging as a reader.


 3rd   Choose one story theme from the image of the man at the table. 

Develop a word bank of vocabulary that you can use in your story opener tomorrow.

Consider similes, alliteration and personification.


 4th   See your spelling list for this week (below).


We are starting a unit on geometry (shapes and angles).



Complete the LBQ Geometry Topic Reviews. Choose one or more.


Click Here Learning by Questions (

Select 'Connect as Pupil'

Enter your first name


Y6 pupils should try Y5 Geometry Topic Review.  (Task 2.)

Y5 pupils should try Y4 Geometry Topic Review. (Task 1.)

Extension - Y6 Geometry Topic Review (Task 3.)

Code - 'fuj'



Practise Mental Arithmetic Skills

Print out one of the Maths Salamanders Files for Year 4, 5 or 6.


We are going to explore the work of architects.

To begin with, practise creating tone and texture using lines, hatching and cross hatching.


Open the file 'hatching drawing London buildings'.

Print out one of the pages and try to copy the picture by replicating it underneath the original.


Use an HB pencil or a fine black ink flow type pen, such as a Frixion, Pilot v5, Pilot v7, Uniball or something similar.