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Wednesday 2nd December

Good morning, Topaz Class!


I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Advent Day activities. There were some super pieces of work sent through to me. Thank you!


Today we begin our Christmas Writing Unit in English; continue with our Statistics learning in Maths and start our Light the Way unit.


Please see, below, our learning tasks for today. For more accessible tasks for some children, try the Table 2 activities.




  • Enjoy the story of Papa Panov’s Special Day, which can be found at: Bedtime Stories - Papa Panov's Special Christmas - Take 10🎄 - YouTube
  • Produce a Story Map, showing the key events in the story such as Papa Panov being sad; reading the Bible; the visits of the three different people in need and when he hears the voices.
  • Now, having heard what Papa Panov did for others, have a think about what YOU could do for somebody else, over the month of December. Write and decorate a Gift Voucher to present to somebody, either in your house over this next week or two – or somebody else, once we end our self-isolation period. Use your imagination and think what would be appreciated by the person you choose!




We are continuing with our Statistics work. See the worksheet below, with a Bar Chart showing how many of each type of tree there were, in a forest, then answer the questions. Please annotate carefully, to help you. The answers are on the second page of the document.


Other Activities

Wednesday to Friday

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be:

  • Art: Research the artist Pieter Bruegel. Find out a little bit about him and his most famous works and discover why people often think of his art over Christmas.
  • History: We were going to enjoy sampling typical Viking food this week, in class. Could you research what they ate and make your own dish at home – and then enjoy feasting on it?
  • PE:  Use our warm up music in Dance Propellerheads - Spybreak! - YouTube to create your own, solo Superhero routine. Remember to plan a beginning, middle and end; think of the heights of your actions; consider your travel, balances and timings – and think about freezes and slow motion sections. If you are brave, upload a video to our class Facebook group or email it to me!
  • French: Practise your greetings by using the PowerPoints below and completing the grid below – try without looking!

Good day


Good Bye


See you soon


How are you?


I am good/fine


I am okay


I am not good


And you?


What are you called?


I am called