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Wednesday 3rd February

Our Class Teams Meeting is on Friday at 1:30pm this week. 


Maths See link below


Today we continue to work on our Explanation text that we started yesterday.  We will be looking at another model in our Teams lesson at 11:00am.  The resources you used yesterday are below.  


Your task today is on the LBQ site.  You need to read the text carefully and then answer the questions.  Today you are completing Part Two of Three.  Remember to take your time and check your answers before you submit them.  The code for the lesson is: 8sz6


Open the document on Negative and Positive thoughts.

Have a go at changing the negative ideas into positive.

Can you think of some more negative aspects of life at the moment?

Try to use positive language to re-shape your thoughts into positive perspectives.


Today you get the chance to revise your science circuits knowledge.

There are two LBQ tasks to try. The code is 8sz6

Cells and Circuits

Electricity Vocabulary