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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Hello, Mercury Class!


I hope you are all well – and enjoying the story videos!


Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.




Enjoy today’s Story Time at: and on facebook at 9am.


Year 4/Year 3/Table 2

  • Read and enjoy the activities suggested for keeping active on this website: 10 Minute Shake Up at  and try out some of these with your family!
  • Now design your own shake up activity.
  • Write the instructions following the same structure as the activity instructions you’ve just read.
  • Design a title for your own shake-up activity.
  • Write your instructions using numbered steps.
  • Include some pictures and diagrams.
  • Now try out your shake-up activity. Is it clear for others to follow?
  • Return to your writing and edit the instructions if you need to. Do you need to make the steps clearer for your audience to follow?
  • Finally, publish your shake-up instructions by writing them on a poster and emailing them to me or uploading them to facebook for your classmates or family members to try out!



This week we are going to be working on Place Value on MyMaths.  Remember to work carefully through the slides on each lesson, first, then have a go at all the practise questions, before attempting the tasks.


The tasks for the whole week are all up now, to allow you to choose when to complete each set. Please let me know of any problems and we’ll try and sort them! Please don’t worry and just do your best. Please see Tuesday’s plans for logging in details.


Other Activities

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be:

  • Spend 30 minutes working through your Spag tests at:
  • Poetry: Please listen to the poem ‘The Moon’ by Robert Louis Stephenson at and then learn the words from the sheet below (off by heart, if you can!) and practise performing it. I hope to invite you to a virtual classroom to perform this as a class, next week!
  • Geography/Citizenship/Maths(!): Go for a walk with your family and see if you can pick up some litter – make sure you wear gloves.  Discuss with your family what you found and how much rubbish there was.  Where should the rubbish go? Can you classify/group the rubbish? Can you present your findings in a bar graph or pictogram, as we learnt in the MyMaths work before half-term?