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Wednesday 3rd March


Today we are learning how to divide unit fractions by an integer. There will be a Teams meeting at 9:30am.

The powerpoint and tasks are below.


Today we are going to use our plan from yesterday to begin writing our space story about Gedanken.  The lesson on Teams at 11:15am will include looking at a model, where we will think about our vocabulary, sentence starters and using direct speech within our story. 

When you have written half of your story, you should email it to your teacher.  We will write the second half of our story on Friday, as tomorrow is World Book Day! 


Our Reading tasks this week are again linked to our Science topic: Earth & Space. 

This week the text is about Tim Peake. 

Today you need to complete the second of two tasks on the LBQ site.  This is a retrieval task so the answers will be within the text. Remember to read the text carefully before answering the questions. The code for the lesson is: Tanz y9nv Amber hbcp

Science The Moon and its Movement around the Earth

Movement of the moon & the moon is a celestial body that orbits a planet.

Watch the following video:

The Moon and its orbit around Earth - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize

1. Write an explanation of the phases of the moon. These videos will help:


2. Complete the following LBQ activity:

Relative movement of the Moon and the Earth.

Code: Tanz y9nv Amber hbcp