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Weekly Spellings

Summer 2 2021

Year 2 Spellings

Summer 1 2021

Year 1 Spellings

Y1 Spellings 11.6.21 100 High Frequency Words

Here are all the first 100 high frequency words. Keep the list handy and have a few minutes practise as often as you can. Use the list to choose some tricky ones to practise, reading and spelling. Maybe tick off the ones you can do easily and concentrate on the more challenging ones.

Year 2 Spellings

Y2 spellings 11.6.21 200 High Frequency Words

Here are 200 hundred high frequency words children should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2. Use the list to practise a few at a time. Maybe tick off the easy ones and concntrate on the ones that are more challenging. Read and spell them. For an extra challenge try writing them joined up, or in a sentence with some interesting vocabulary. There are two different fonts to choose from - the words are the same.

Autumn 2
Year 2 Spellings
Autumn 1
Year 2 spellings
Year 1 Spellings
Please follow the link to Year 1 spellings and phonics information.