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Welcome to Salesbury Church of England Primary School - giving all children a chance to shine!


Thank you for taking time to visit the website for Salesbury Church of England Primary School. 


Salesbury C.E. Primary School is a vibrant school community and is continually moving forward. The school offers a rich and varied curriculum for children in Nursery to Y6.  We have written the curriculum ourselves so we can both ensure we cover the National Curriculum (and a little more) and it truly provides our children what they need.  We re-evaluate our curriculum each year to ensure it is relevant, real and engaging.


Salesbury is committed to working alongside parents, parish and local community to ensure that it has a real and warm family feeling!


Our school aims to be a place where:-


• we all talk of ‘our’ achievement and everyone is determined to improve;


• all pupils are increasingly aware of their potential and that it is without limit if they make the effort;


• Everyone feels fulfilled in what they do and contributes to the fulfilment of others;


• The full range of success – sporting, academic, artistic, practical support for others, triumph over adversity – is celebrated;


• All members of the school community are committed to their own continuous learning and support that of others;


• Everyone is aware of the school’s collective past and present success and is ambitious to contribute to that collective legacy for future generations


Salesbury C.E. Primary School hopes to facilitate these aims and to promote the fun of learning and the pleasure of achievement. It is hoped that children will be 'hungry for learning' and leave our school wanting more!


As a strong Church School, we enjoy close links with St. Peter's Church and the local community. Usually, we would regularly hold services in Church and on those occasions you are always welcome. 


If you would like to visit our school, or find out more, please do get in touch!


Clare Berryman



Aim High!