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What our children say

Year 6

“We like building houses and other buildings on Tinkercad.”

“We use our Chromebooks to learn about language, such as Word Hippo to up-level our vocabulary and research RE topics on different websites.”

Darcy and Amy

Year 5

“I enjoy making sounds in Music Creators and making my own characters.”

“I like finding different websites to use.”

Grayson and Amy

Year 4

“I like Coding on Scratch and I think it is fun to make your own character to match the animation.”


Year 3

“I like going on Scratch and Coding. I like making backgrounds look realistic. I like researching Queen Victoria. I like practising typing for homework and learning the home keys and using the other keys without looking. My favourite website is Times Tables Rockstars because I enjoy improving my skills.”

Annie and Harry

Year 2

“When we do mouse skills and making pictograms on ways to travel and favourite colours. I liked researching about hats.”

Hassan and Eva

Year 1

“I usually like helping other people, playing counting games and maths games and, also, playing hard quiz games.”

Isabella and Mustafa